Kurn Hattin Food Services perseveres and stays on course

Kurn Hattin Food Services Director, Richard Johnson, prepares breakfast
Kurn Hattin Food Services Director, Richard Johnson, prepares breakfast. Photo provided

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – The pandemic has presented challenges in various areas including the Food Service Department at Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. Everything that was done in the past had to be modified and adjusted to meet the state’s requirements for safety and physical distancing.

Before returning in July from remote learning, the kitchen staff had to construct plexiglass barriers on the serving line to provide protection for the children and staff diners as well as the kitchen staff. Floor decals that showed proper distancing were purchased and placed on the floors.

Following new procedures at mealtimes, the children and staff come to the kitchen in small groups and return to their classrooms to eat. For breakfast, all meals are eaten in the cottages where the children live. Food is transported there in insulated containers to maintain the desired temperature upon arrival. Suppertime has been split into groups to allow for proper physical distancing.

While all of this is different and challenging, Kurn Hattin has persevered with the support of the entire school staff, maintenance team, and staff from other departments who have stepped in to help. Having worked in the maritime industry, the Food Service Director Richard Johnson is very familiar with having “all hands on deck.”

In true Kurn Hattin spirit, the kitchen crew, staff, and children have lived up to that term by navigating through rough waters and staying on course. With Mr. Johnson at the helm, we anticipate calm seas and smooth sailing ahead. After all, the end result is mighty tasty!

For more information, go to www.kurnhattin.org.

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