Kindred Spirits raise funds for SHS

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Ms. Dodge’s second grade Kindred Spirits classroom at Elm Hill School in Springfield recently organized a donation drive for the Springfield Humane Society (SHS). The class created posters and flyers, and placed boxes at Elm Hill School for the items. They also organized and ran class meetings to announce the fundraiser, and invited friends from the Springfield Humane Society. The class was able to raise a carload and a half of toys, food, cat beds, and other much-needed items.

In addition to the donation drive, the Kindred Spirits classroom also held a class fundraising walk at the North Springfield Dam. Students collected pledges for walking around one mile that day, and were able to raise $403.

The Kindred Spirits class members are Destiny Downing-Mckenzie, Rosie Hernandez, Xavier Hodgdon, Aoife Joyce, Henry Lampman, Nick Macie, Noah Merced, Alex Ouellette, Jordan Prosser, Ashton Putnam, Jairus Rhodes, Anna Riendeau, Ben Runnells, Benjamin Spigel, Audrey Stromberg, Jax Thibodeau, Ethan Wheeler, teacher Jennifer Dodge, paraeducator Meredith McAllister, and advisor Monique Parillo.

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