Hang handprints to show appreciation for educators

Crafted handprints spotted in area communities are a symbol of appreciation for all that educators, staff and students have endured over the past year. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Springfield Area Parent Child Center (SAPCC) started the Thanking Hands campaign last month as a way to expand their annual Week of the Young Child (WOYC) celebration to reach educators and students at all levels. The concept is simple – hang handprints in windows and on doors to honor those who’ve worked so hard during the past year to continue teaching and learning through a pandemic. Businesses, schools, and community members have been catching on and the site of all the handprints sends a boost of positivity throughout the entire region. Everyone is invited to paint their community with hands regardless of where you live.

If you do participate, please share pictures of your handprints on Facebook with the hashtag #woycthankinghands. SAPCC will then be able to see them and collect them into a community album to spread the encouragement even further. You can also email photos to sapcc@sapcc-vt.org.

If you need more information, materials, or some suggestions to engage your child with this project, please join the Facebook event or call SAPCC at 802-886-5242.

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