Greater Falls Connections annual meeting

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt. – Greater Falls Connections annual meeting will be held Friday, June 22, at noon, at the Rockingham Free Public Library. All coalition members – anyone who supports our mission and is or would like to be involved in our work – are encouraged to attend.

In addition to youth-led presentations and activities, we will be voting on Articles to change our bylaws and to elect our 2018-2019 advisory board. Come to celebrate the end of our program year and to get a preview of what’s coming up for next year! Lunch and good company provided, as always.

Per Coalition bylaws, members who are unable to attend the meeting may register their opinions in writing with the chair or the director so that their opinion may be expressed at the meeting.

Contact Deb Grant, board chair, at or Laura Schairbaum, director, at

Coalition members will vote on the following Articles at the annual meeting:

Article 1: This Article would increase how many people can be on the Greater Falls Connections Advisory Board in the future, from eight to 13 people. This would allow for more diversity on the Board and also make sure the Board has more people to help with important tasks such as reaching community members, raising money, and helping out on different Board committees.

Shall Greater Falls Connections coalition change Article III, Section 2, first sentence to read as the following? “The Advisory Board will be made up of a minimum of 3 and no more than 13 coalition members.”

Article 2: Greater Falls Connections Advisory Board members serve one-year terms and can be elected yearly for up to five years. Voting membership will be asked to vote on the list of candidates as a whole.

Shall Greater Falls Connections coalition elect the following list of candidates for the 2018-2019 Advisory Board?

1. Kara Lescord, Rockingham, BFUHS student (1st term)

2. Andrew Malshuck, Bellows Falls, BFUHS student (1st term)

3. Jonathan O’Connor, Westminster, parent (1st term)

4. Doreen Stoodley, Westminster, parent, Great Falls Regional Chamber of Commerce (2nd term)

5. Marty Gallagher, Bellows Falls, Bellows Falls Rotary Club (1st term)

6. Scott Belt, Westminster, Rockingham Health Center (1st term)

7. Shelly Crawford, Rockingham, BFUHS teacher (2nd term)

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