GMP partners with Vermont businesses to help them cut carbon output

COLCHESTER, Vt. – Green Mountain Power’s Business Innovation Team is helping Vermont businesses offset 200 million pounds of carbon emissions. GMP offers free expert consultations including analysis of business operations, technical advice, and financial incentives that help businesses make significant transformations to cut their carbon output and costs benefitting all customers.

GMP’s team worked with 15 businesses that completed projects in 2018 and, over the lifetime of those projects, will offset 80 million pounds of carbon. That’s on top of the 120 million pounds of carbon being offset by projects GMP completed in 2017.

Bolton Valley Ski Resort invested in new electric-powered snowmaking equipment with help from GMP, Efficiency Vermont, and skiers and riders who bought special five-year Green Passes. “The expert advice and financial incentives were key for us in making this improvement,” said Lindsay DesLauriers, COO of Bolton Valley. “We get to ditch about 20,000 gallons of diesel we were burning each year. It’s a big transformation Bolton has wanted to make for a while. Our snowmaking is more efficient, and we’re making a difference for the environment.”

Flying Crow Coffee in Springfield has a new electric roaster, replacing a propane-fueled model. The change allows the company to roast more of the fair trade certified, organically sourced coffee it’s known for, and to do it with a smaller carbon footprint. “The bill credits from GMP made this investment possible. It really jumpstarted my business,” said Ben Hills, Flying Crow Coffee’s owner. “I’m able to roast more coffee than I was before, but I’m not paying more for energy. It’s awesome because my company is built on being eco-conscious.”

“These exciting projects show critical energy transformation happening now to cut carbon and costs, and we’re so proud to partner with so many Vermont businesses to help them make important choices about the energy they use to power their operations,” said GMP President and CEO Mary Powell. “We all need to work together to fight climate change, and these projects, combined with our 90 percent carbon free energy, will make a big difference.”

GMP often partners with Efficiency Vermont on business transformation projects, with each organization bringing unique expertise. GMP already has 19 more businesses lined up for green transformations in 2019. Most of the work involves custom solutions to reduce their total energy consumption along with switching some or all of a business’s energy use from fossil fuel to electricity through innovative new technology.

“This investment is good for my business, but it is also critical for fighting climate change,” said Dave Chapman, the owner of Long Wind Farm in Thetford. The business grows tomatoes year-round and worked with GMP and Efficiency Vermont to install new greenhouse lights and an insulating screen. “As a result of the lights and energy curtain, we are hoping to save about 42,000 gallons of propane used to heat this greenhouse. GMP’s cleaner energy is allowing us to cut back on fossil fuels and to increase our tomato production. And in 2019, GMP will help us install heat pumps to make our greenhouses even greener.” The business will get credits on its GMP energy statement to help offset the cost of the transformation.

Businesses interested in a free consultation to learn how they can transform their operations and what incentives are available can contact Jeff Monder of GMP’s Innovation Team at or 802-770-3392.

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