GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club Tree of Remembrance

LUDLOW, Vt. – The snow is falling, covering the beautiful lights on the Tree of Remembrance in Veterans Park. That hasn’t stopped the love of our community from remembering their loved ones. If you haven’t donated to the Tree of Remembrance, GFWC Okemo Valley fundraiser for Black River High School Scholarship, please consider doing so.

Donations and your list of names should be submitted to Fran Derlinga, P.O. Box 229, Plymouth, VT 05056 with checks payable to GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club.

Names received to date:

Mary and Ed Augustakos, Helen Ballard, Harold, Mary Bragg, Harley, Ida Bragg, Oscar and Margarit Bryant, Roy and Marie Bryant, Kim Bryant, Stanley and Francis Bryant, Evelyn Bryant, Peter Connor, Judi Costa, Ellsworth, Dorothy Davis, Roy Davis, Roy, Leta Davis, Frank, Christine, Pauline, and Carole Deluca, Isabelle and John Deluca, Thomas Dempsie, Frances Dempsie, George and Ethelyn Denver, Mary and Tom Derlinga, Kathy Dever, Suzette Durgin, George K. Fitzgerald Jr., Jeanna M. Fitzgerald, Geberth Family, Leonard Gendron, Lily Hill, Brian Hodgeman, Leta Hudgings, Francis Hughes, Alma and Arona Jaskey, Susan Jaskey, Sharry Jaskey, Jack Kemp, Bobby and Pat Kirkbride, Tina Koye, Carol Lee Kuk, George Laber, Robert Lindquist, Irene and Joseph Lorrain, Anna Lurds, Ruth and George Lyons, John Montomery, Pete Noyes, Katherine J. Moore, Ruth and Gunther Pfanner, Sandra Prokop, Gardner, Laura Ripley, Kelley Sanderson, Marissa Selleck, Leon, Mary Shabott, George Sham, George Shaw, Bernard, Shirley Snow, Caroline Spaulding, Mike and Betty Stone, David Stearms, Daryl Stowell, Donald Sullivan, Vera Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tedford, Marilyn Trick, Carl Trick, Ruth and Hal Whitman, Zachman Family

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