GFWC Okemo Valley Trees of Remembrance


LUDLOW/ PROCTORSVILLE, Vt. – The GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club annual Trees of Remembrance are lit for the holiday season once again. The two trees are located in Veteran’s Memorial Park in Ludlow and the second on the Common in Proctorsville. These are community trees which honor and remember friends, relatives and loved ones during the holidays. A combination holiday symbol, personal memorial and fundraiser, the trees will be illuminated during December and January. GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club is accepting donations in any amount to remember your loved ones. The entirety of this fundraiser will benefit Black River High School and Cavendish Town Elementary School students.

Your generous donations make up the greatest part of this fund raising effort. Please help us to light a young student’s smile by remembering someone through the Trees of Remembrance. Please send your donation to: Roxie Davis, 126 Newton Rd., Proctorsville, Vt. 05153 OR

Pam Bruno, 25 Tepper Drive, Ludlow, Vt. 05149.

Please make checks payable to GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club.

We wish to remember and honor: The Walter Ahers, Mary and Ed Augustaskas, Helen Bailard, Roger Bidgood, Harley and Ida Bragg, Harold and Mary Bragg, Marvin Brammen, Oscar and Nellie Beckman, Peter Connor, Laine Danyow, Ellsworth and Dorothy Davis, Roy Davis, Leta Davis, Ralph and Elva Davis, Deluca family, Frances Dempsie, Thomas Dempsie, Derlinga family, Suzette Durgin, Merton Goodell, Nick Gulli, Ida Farrar, Russell Farmer, Steven Farmer, Stanley Grandfield, Russell Haskell, Maynard and Elise Hendrickson, Brian Hodgeman, Leta Hudgings, Charlie Hughes, Kathy Ingham, Norman Jackson, Fred Jelley, Jack Kemp, Reverend Sidney Lambert, Elsie Langlois, Joe and Irene Lorraine, Rhonda M. Pitts Macheski, George and Violet Matulonis, Ernest and Melba Noll, Pete Noyes, Mary and Frank Owen, Frank and Lena Phillips, Theresa Phillips, Richard and Josephine Pitts, Dud Pluta, The Leo Plutas, Mike Pluta, Bert Preston, Bruab Priestley, Sandra Prokop, Helen Remy, Laval “Jim” Remy, Gardner and Laura Ripley, Norma Rlau, Kelley Sanderson, Allyn and Helen Seward, Leon and Mary Shabbott, George Shaw, Bernard and Shirley Snow, David Stearns, Erin Paige Stinson, Deryl Stowell, Annie Struch, Craig Sudhadule, Trina Sullivan, Rolf and Virginia Swanson, Betty Sweeney, George and Rose Tapper, Marilyn Trick, William and Helen Tucker, Herbert M. and Bernice VanGuilder, Hal and Ruth Whitman, Zachman family

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