Fundraising to help nonprofits in Weston

WESTON, Vt. – A fundraising effort through GoFundMe has been set up to help nonprofit organizations in Weston, Vt., raise money to assist their cleanup and recovery efforts after the recent catastrophic flooding in town. The effort is sponsored by Friends of the Weston Community, a nonprofit, volunteer organization founded in 2021 to support projects and programs that benefit the Weston Community. Donations will be gathered by Friends and then fully disbursed to needy organizations requesting assistance in the town. The Friends can help carry the burden of fundraising, allowing the organizations to focus on the work of recovery.

Community service, educational, recreational, and cultural organizations in town, many set along the West River, have been devastated. The Weston Volunteer Fire Department, the Weston Community Association that owns the Playhouse and museums, the Weston Theater Company, The Little School, the Weston Recreation Center, and other organizations suffered terrible damage that will take a long time and significant funds to repair.

Interested donors are encouraged to go to to make a tax-deductible donation to help these vital organizations in Weston. Nonprofit organizations in Weston wishing to request funding may contact

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