Frank Dressler Scholarships open to applicants

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Frank Dressler Scholarships are given in memory of Frank Dressler, Black River High School’s “ultimate fan” for many years. In his retirement, Frank moved to Ludlow and began attending Black River’s home games when he noticed the lights on at Dorsey Field. Frank was hooked on the Presidents. Soccer led to basketball, which led to baseball and softball. Home games led to away games, and to friendship and commitment. Frank loved the kids and the sports they played, and the athletes appreciated his ever-present support, honoring him with signed team photos and an honorary BR #1 Fan jacket. If Frank wasn’t in his seat at half field, it was for a very good reason, which he was sure to share, just so we knew. An ultimate fan and supporter in winning seasons as well as those that were not as successful. Rain or shine, Frank was there to support his team.

Applicants are asked to share their thoughts on what makes an “ultimate fan” and how they have been an “ultimate fan” during their high school career.

These scholarships will be awarded annually to up to two graduating high school seniors who have participated in at least two sports per year while in high school.

These awards are open to residents of Ludlow or Mount Holly for use in any post-secondary institution including college, university, vocational, or trade school.

Applications and information for the Frank Dressler Scholarship are available by contacting Lisa Schmidt at 802-228-7690 or via email at; or Sherri Geimer at 802-259-3800 or

Application deadline is May 1 and winner(s) will be announced in June.

Those wishing to make a contribution to the Frank Dressler Scholarship Fund are encouraged. Donations made out to “BRAM” may be sent to: Frank Dressler Scholarship Fund c/o Black River Academy Museum, PO Box 73, Ludlow, VT 05149.

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