Former State Rep. Kathy Pellett endorses Melody Reed for state representative

CHESTER, Vt. – Chester resident Melody Reed is seeking the seat in the Vermont Legislature representing Chester, Andover, Baltimore and a portion of North Springfield, and has been endorsed by former State Representative Kathy Pellett. “I truly believe Melody Reed will be the kind of legislator who will work tirelessly — she knows that being a good representative means listening to your constituents and working well with others. While part of the job is being in Montpelier, another crucial aspect of a state representative’s work is back at home…helping people with their problems. Melody has the energy and enthusiasm that it takes to be a truly dedicated representative of the people.”

Melody Reed.
Melody Reed.

  Reed has already begun listening to voters who have told her that affordable housing, public transportation and jobs are major issues that need to be addressed. “As a creative problem solver, I look forward to working with others to find solutions to these and other issues. It will be an honor to represent the people of this district and I look forward to working on legislation that best meets the needs of the people in this district.”

  Continuing to ensure that everyone has affordable, quality health care is also a priority of Reeds. “Even though Vermont is ranked one of the healthiest states in the nation, I am concerned that there are still some Vermonters who can’t afford their health insurance or have no insurance at all. I know some people just take a chance on not being sick. That is not an acceptable way to live – you shouldn’t have to play Russian roulette with your health. I will work hard to ensure that everyone has access to care when they need it.”

  Jobs, the economy, environment issues, updating our aging infrastructure, food and energy security are also matters of concern that that Reed has on her radar. “Using the creative economy to spur economic development was the idea behind Springfield’s successful Steampunk Festival last year. As a member of the committee, I saw it as a good opportunity for tourism as well as helping local businesses. The festival brought new visitors to the area from as far away as Colorado, and some are considering relocating and starting a business in the area. It’s important that we streamline the process for establishing new businesses in the area while considering the environmental and aesthetic impacts to the community.”

  Reed was born in Springfield, grew up in Ludlow and has lived in Chester for the past 11 years.  She also lived in Arizona for several years as a child and feels this experience has given her a unique perspective on the Vermont way of life – which she will work hard to protect. She has 3 grown children: twins Chelsea and Charity Clark and son, Keegan Reed, all of whom live and work in the Burlington, VT area.

  Melody Reed can be reached at 802-875-5414 or by email at She looks forward to meeting you and talking with you and encourages you to register to vote. The date of the primary is August 9.

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