FOLA donates $700 to Ludlow Recovery Fund

LUDLOW, Vt. – At the recent meeting of the Ludlow Rotary Club (LRC), David Almond, Friends of the Ludlow Auditorium (FOLA) treasurer, presented a check for $703 to the LRC’s fundraising program, to assist in the Ludlow-area flood recovery programs.

The submitted funds represented the proceeds FOLA audience members donated during the annual Silent Movie Festival, attended by more than 45 people, on Saturday, Aug. 26, in the Heald Auditorium in Ludlow’s Town Hall.

To demonstrate the extent of the donations at this event, Jeff Rapsis, the featured pianist providing background music to the Charlie Chaplin comedy “Gold Rush,” donated his fee.

Almond noted that this was truly a community effort. “It just showed us that the folks attending the movie had more on their minds than just watching this great comedian,” he observed. “It’s heart-warming to realize how much people will donate when the situation calls for generosity. It just makes you feel very proud.”

FOLA donated all of those receipts to the Ludlow Area Rotary Charitable Fund, to be used to assist local individuals and businesses repair or replace property that was damaged by severe storms. Similar donations may be sent to Ludlow Area Rotary Charitable Fund (LARCF), P.O. Box 216, Ludlow, VT 05149.

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