Fletcher Memorial Library awaits reopening

LUDLOW, Vt. – The Fletcher Memorial Library in Ludlow have books, audiobooks, and movies available daily under cover at the rear entrance for patrons to take. We do not want the items back. Staff has been busy inventorying our collection – 10,000 items so far – and is now on to the youth collection. Orders have been received, and there will be plenty of new items to borrow.

We are awaiting Gov. Scott’s “turning of the spigot” to reopen the library. We are not retail. Once that happens, we will be able to give you a date as to when we are reopening.

The rear door will be the only entrance. Returned items are to be placed into a box inside the door. Masks are required to continue into the library. Hand sanitizer will be provided and must be used before you exit the air lock. Social distancing will be in place. Certainly, this will be a different library experience, but it’s not forever.

Lastly, the bookshelves will be closed to the public. You may search our online catalog, and there is a choice to look at the books on the shelf in a specific area. We are happy to speak with you to assist in any way that we can. Staff and volunteers will be available to assist you as well.

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