Federal mask requirements remain in place for public transportation

REGION – The Vermont Agency of Transportation reminds passengers that federal mask requirements remain in place across all transportation networks, including buses, trains, and commercial aircrafts.

“The recent lifting of the state Covid-19 restrictions is welcome news to us all,” said AOT Secretary Joe Flynn. “We are excited for the return of Amtrak passenger rail service and intercity bus service on July 19 – and we thank all riders for their patience and understanding of the remaining federal rules.”

While state restrictions have been lifted, it is important to note that Vermont’s transportation systems are bound by federal rules and requirements. Both the Transportation Security Agency and the Center for Disease Control are requiring facemasks to be used until Sept. 13, 2021. This includes passengers on Amtrak trains, intercity buses, and all commercial flights at any airport facility.

AOT will alert the public if federal guidance changes and asks all passengers for their continued support of this federal requirement.

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