Experienced Good Thrift Store urges donors to save donations

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. – Experienced Goods Thrift Store, which provides 65% of the operating budget for Brattleboro Area Hospice, is reaching out to our donors to ask them to save those donations!

It is our intention to be back to operations as safely and as soon as possible, and we will need your help to get back up to speed to support BAH.

At a time when everyone wants to help, but having contact with our community isn’t possible, what could be a more simple and organic way to assist then to save your unwanted goods? We all have them, especially as we clean and reorganize our homes. So please keep us in mind and save your clean and sellable items to be recirculated back into the community to raise revenue for Brattleboro Area Hospice.

We will keep you informed of our opening and encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our website. Please do not drop items off until we are open for business.

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