Exchange student introduces Indonesia to Ludlow Rotary

exchange student
Tunjung, an exchange student, gives a presentation to the Ludlow Rotary about Indonesia. Photo provided

LUDLOW, Vt. – At its weekly meeting, the Ludlow Rotary Club heard Tunjung, an exchange student from Indonesia currently sponsored by both the Ludlow and Chester Rotary Clubs, described what life in Indonesia is like.

Tunjung presented a slide presentation that covered the many facets of Indonesia. These include the many languages spoken in this nation of over 19,000 islands, its beautiful islands, the many people who compromise the nation, and cultures of the nation. She also described the music of Indonesia as well as its foods and educational institutions.

Currently enrolled at Green Mountain High School in Chester, Tunjung has found life in Vermont to be quite different from Indonesia – in particular, the weather.

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