Cota & Cota inspires kindness to Kurn Hattin

Cota & Cota third generation President Casey Cota and Vice-President Kelley Cota Tully with donated tablets

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – “Inspire kindness and pay it forward” is a phrase Casey Cota and Kelley Cota Tully learned from their grandfather, Ken Cota. After making some technology upgrades at Cota & Cota, Casey and Kelley chose to donate 24 tablets to Kurn Hattin Homes for Children to repurpose. Knowing the challenges children and educators have been facing during the pandemic, they knew this gift would assist with new ways of learning and growing in and outside of the classroom. Cota & Cota has been a longtime supporter of Kurn Hattin Homes, making a positive difference in the lives of its children for over a decade.

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