Five bridges in Ludlow to be repaired, 2017

LUDLOW, Vt. – Several bridges and culverts in Ludlow are scheduled to be renovated this spring and summer. Scheduled projects will begin in February and some will continue through July.

Repairs to the Gate House and Red Bridge Dam on Red Bridge Road, the first of five projects, will begin in February. The valve and dam, which were last renovated in 1995, do not pose an immediate threat but will only deteriorate over time. The Town of Ludlow has decided that it needs attention now. East Lake Road will provide an alternate route for most traffic.

Repairs to the Pleasant Street Ext. bridge will be made from April 3 to May 5. The bridge was compromised by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 and the Town of Ludlow has been patiently awaiting funding from the state, which was finally received last year. April was indicated by LaValley’s and Jeldwen, which depend on traffic across the bridge, as their slowest month. This is the major reason for the timing, since the bridge will be completely closed for approximately 30 days. The suggested alternate route is Pleasant Street.

Repairs to the Branch Brook bridge at the Junction of routes 103 and 100 North will be made for approximately 10 days, starting May 15. The state, with input from Ludlow, has decided to close the bridge entirely to finish the repairs in under two weeks, instead of keeping the bridge open for one-way traffic and dragging the project out for six months. The suggested alternate route includes Buttermilk Falls Road and Rod & Gun Club Road.

Walker Bridge on Main Street in Ludlow will be closed for 30 days for complete replacement, starting June 9, and will reopen in July. The bridge has been slowly augering into the river and several repairs have been made in the past two years to keep the bridge safe for travel, but it must be replaced. The timing of this project was determined by the state’s processing of the design and the availability of funding.

The Town wants to work with local merchants during the bridge closure to keep downtown Ludlow an exciting place to be. The main detour for local traffic will be High, Depot, and Pleasant streets. No street parking will be allowed on these streets at any time during the construction of the bridge, to accommodate heavier traffic. Trucks will be diverted using routes 11, 100, 155, and 103.

The culvert at the intersection of Hemingway Hill on Andover Street will be replaced in July. Andover Street will be open to one-way traffic during construction, which should last less than a week.

The Town of Ludlow recognizes the inconvenience the construction projects will create in our community, but they are necessary. Since Irene, Ludlow has worked on several small projects, but nothing of this magnitude. Town Manager Frank Heald, speaking on behalf of Ludlow, says “We ask that you bear with it and be patient. These projects have to be done.”

Future projects include the replacement of the culvert on Commonwealth Avenue, sidewalk renovation, a management assessment of wastewater and upgrades/renovations to the treatment plant, and the signalization of the intersection of routes 103 and 100 North, which will increase safety at that high-risk intersection.

For more information about any of the construction projects, contact the Ludlow municipal office at 228-2841. Future updates will be posted on the town and village website at

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