Chester Townscape needs watering help

Chester Townscapes is seeking volunteers to help with watering the various plantings throughout town.
Chester Townscapes is seeking volunteers to help with watering the various plantings throughout town. Photo provided

CHESTER, Vt. – In just a few weeks Chester Townscape volunteers will start planting annuals in numerous large pots and bridge boxes, as well as the landscaped areas at the Brookside Cemetery, Information Booth on Main Street, and Gazebo at the Village Green. Those areas will enliven the somber coronavirus lockdown and let everyone know that Chester is getting ready for return to the more normal life we love.

The flowers that will bloom from spring into fall will again show community pride and neighborhood support – all of which have extra significance this year. In this town-wide endeavor, the volunteers of Chester Townscape who create the plantings and water the flowers all summer long would welcome extra help with the watering and weeding tasks.

The locations of the public pots and bridge boxes are familiar and very obvious: Whiting Library, Train Station, Village Green, Village and Depot Gazebos, Hearse House and Civil War Monument, Pinnacle Recreation Area, various bridges, and so on. They are places Chester residents usually visit; and experienced waterers can help identify convenient spots, water sources, and the easiest techniques to keep the pots and boxes properly moist for the season.

Anyone who is interested in being part of this community improvement effort is encouraged to contact for more information.

Volunteers can sign up for any amount of time that fits their schedules and locations that mesh with their travel routes. Whether it’s for one day a week, one week a month, or relief at someone’s vacation time, every bit of help would be appreciated and contribute to the extraordinary support Chester residents, businesses, and second-homeowners exhibit for this beautification project that benefits the town and boosts morale. With more community help, Chester Townscape can marshal more resources to make Chester the best, most welcoming town in Vermont.

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