Chester Planning Commission citizens’ poll

CHESTER, Vt. – As the Chester Planning Commission continues working to maximize citizen input related to quality-of-life priorities around planning Chester’s future, we request the following poll to be completed by all renters, businesspeople, resident, and non-resident property owners as a vitally important tool in providing direction to the work being undertaken.

As many are aware, the Planning Commission is working on multiple facets of town planning all of which are likely to have significant impacts upon the look and feel of our community over both the short term as well as the longer term. This work includes focus on housing, business, property development, our environment, and the overall look and feel of our town.

Utilizing a poll to maximize public input will provide the Planning Commission and potentially other town government, with a much stronger sense of what you and the rest of our town desires for the future of Chester. As such, it’s important for all affected to complete and submit this poll. This is an opportunity to easily have your voice heard without needing to attend meetings or go through other processes to provide feedback to assist in guiding your local government.

A brightly colored post card will be mailed to each registered voter as well as to each resident and non-resident property owner. The post card includes instructions for completing the poll either electronically or by requesting a paper copy. In addition, there will be a staffed table at town hall on Nov. 8 for those who prefer to complete this poll in person, on Election Day.

Please take a few minutes to complete and submit this poll at your earliest opportunity and ask each adult member of your household to complete one as well. The Town of Chester thanks you.

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