Cavendish librarian speaks to Ludlow Rotary Club

Kata Welch, Fletcher Community Librarian, and Art Randolph, LRC president.
Kata Welch, Fletcher Community Librarian, and Art Randolph, LRC president. Photo provided

CAVENDISH, Vt. – Kata Welch, librarian of the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library, was the recent guest speaker at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Ludlow Rotary Club.

She stressed the importance of developing good reading habits at an early age to promote leadership qualities. Among the features of her comments to the Rotarians were her references to various types of fictional and nonfictional literature to instill interest in youngsters to develop and continue their interest in reading.

Kata noted that books containing quality graphics often increased the readers’ interest in continuing their reading habits. She stressed that books may not always have deep meanings and themes so long as they sustained the attention of the reader, using a book on “Star Wars” as an example.

Citing her own background in northern Vermont, Kata indicated that parental encouragement of reading was a primary factor in her own interest in reading.

Art Randolph, LRC president, described the Rotary’s own participation in the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program as an example of their continuing interest in supporting reading for young children.

The Cavendish Fletcher Community Library serves as both the town and school library for Cavendish and Proctorsville. Currently, the library is open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. The library contains approximately 14,000 items including books, movies, audio books, and over 30 periodical subscriptions. It also has computers available for patron use and provides free Wi-Fi, inside and outside of the building.

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