Calling area veterans to Memorial Day Parade

Welcome Home Parade to take place Memorial Day 2019. Stock photo

LUDLOW, Vt. – Calling all veterans, and we mean ALL veterans to the Memorial Day Parade, Monday May 27, 2019 in Ludlow, Vt.

Gary Macintyre, U.S. Navy, service mid-1960s, here, with an important update for all veterans in the area. This spring will be the 100th anniversary of the American Legion, founded in 1919. This will be a perfect time to hold our Welcome Home Parade, the parade we veterans never received. We’ve asked a lot of vets about their interest and the response has been overwhelmingly positive – comments such as “It’s about time” or “I’ll march with you!”

Times have certainly changed since we served. We’ve been quiet and patient for many years but now is the time to show who we are, how many veterans there are, and how loud we can be!

So mark your calendars and come march with us. It’s your parade! The parade is sponsored by the American Legion Post 36 in Ludlow Vt. but open to all veterans. For more information, please contact Gary “Mac” Macintyre at or 802-228-7178.

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