Brownsville Independence Day celebrated coming together again

BROWNSVILLE, Vt. – The Brownsville Independence Day Committee, vendors, and all of the amazing volunteers pulled off a magnificent celebration in spite of a rainy day and evening. None of it would have been possible without the generous donations from the town of West Windsor, many individuals, business sponsors, and organizations who believed in the reason for the celebration.

During the day amid light showers, hundreds of people from near and far enjoyed a pancake breakfast and bouncy house provided by Brownsville Community Church, craft and food vendors, music provided by Dixie Land, and a grand parade.

The parade was preceded by a trumpeted rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and church bells followed by the twirling blue light of the Windsor Police Chief’s cruiser in the lead coming over the crest of the hill on Brownsville Hartland Road. To everyone’s delight, there were floats of all kinds, donkeys in costume, proud marchers, lots of fire trucks from all over the region and the famous Shriners clowns on their “trikes” performing their antics all the way down the hill.

Then in the afternoon, after months and months of planning and preparation, a very difficult call had to be made by the IDC Committee: Do the fireworks go off tonight, or wait until a planned rain date of Monday?

Multiple weather forecasts were monitored with no consistency in predictions. The IDC Committee consulted with the vendors, musicians, firemen, and supervisors of the various volunteers. And, although aware of the planned rain date, as it turned out essential players were not going to be available Monday evening. So late in the afternoon the food vendors, musicians, pyro people, and incredible volunteers moved on up to the mountain and they pulled it off.

A large crowd came up the mountain, set up tents and chairs, ate Moonlighter’s hot dogs, hamburgers and fries, American Pie’s pizza, and Lazy Cow’s ice cream while listening to the Dixie Land lively music as they awaited for the show to begin.

Yes, it rained some, but there were no real downpours or gusts of wind and the fireworks were spectacular!

This is all because the people of the Independence Day Celebrations. They made it all happen. Thank you, amazing people for making it possible to be “Together once again!”

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