Blue Door Kids’ free lunch program

SAXTONS RIVER, Vt. – The end of the school year signals the opening of the Blue Door Kids’ free lunch program at Christ’s Church on Main Street. Through the blue door at the rear of the church, kids, along with parents and other adults, will find a simple lunch every weekday at 12 p.m., beginning Monday, June 17 and continuing throughout the summer vacation.

The program began 15 years ago with the hope that the free lunches would be a source of good nutrition and help families deal with the extra costs of providing lunches throughout the summer. The program has also proved to be a gathering place at noon for groups of children and families as well as visiting grandparents and babysitters. A number of children of all ages have made the free lunch a part of their summer day for many years.

The menu is simple: kid-friendly sandwiches, lots of fresh fruit, cookies, and a drink. On certain days of the week there are specials including mac ‘n cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream cones, and pizza. Seconds are available.

The program is staffed by volunteers from the church and community and is funded by small grants and individual donations of food as well as paper plates and cups. Donations of cash are always welcome and can be sent to Christ’s Church at P.O. Box 649, Saxtons River, VT 05154.

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