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LUDLOW, Vt. – July…the Black River Valley Senior Center is the cool place to be. Come join us Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at noon for a delicious meal and conversation at 10 High St, next to the Black River Academy Museum. Stay tuned for more information about our Aug. 28 van trip to Lake George. Details to come, July 25. Call 802-228-7421 with questions.

July’s menu is below.

  • Monday, July 16: Stuffed chicken with sage sauce, mashed potatoes, carrots, wheat dinner roll, and vanilla pudding with cream and peaches.
  • Tuesday, July 17: Van trip to Dusty’s Restaurant in Claremont, N.H.
  • Wednesday, July 18: Pork Chow Mein, brown rice with vegetables, broccoli and cauliflower blend, rye bread, and grapes.
  • Thursday, July 19: Chicken-biscuit, mashed potatoes, baby carrots with dill, and berry crisp.
  • Friday, July 20: Glazed pork and hamburger, mashed yam, cauliflower, wheat dinner roll, and mandarin oranges with cream.
  • Monday, July 23: Beefsteak with brown sauce, mashed potatoes, broccoli florets, wheat roll, and a pumpkin cookie.
  • Tuesday, July 24: Van trip to Black Rock Steakhouse in Springfield, Vt.
  • Wednesday, July 25: Sliced roast beef, Monterey Jack cheese, four bean salad, red potato salad with dill, mustard p.c., wheat roll, and melon.
  • Thursday, July 26: Roast pork loin, gravy, mashed potatoes, garden peas and onions, wheat dinner roll, and sliced pears.
  • Friday, July 27: Sweet-n-sour meatballs, medium shells, California blend vegetables, wheat bread, and apple slices with cinnamon.
  • Monday, July 30: Broccoli and cheese quiche, three-fourths cup of green beans with cut red pepper, wheat bread, and watermelon and cantaloupe.
  • Tuesday, July 31: Van trip to Pleasant Street Restaurant in Claremont, N.H.

Interested in Meals on Wheels: Please call Senior Solutions at 802-885-2655.

Look for our events and monthly menus periodically in The Vermont Journal.

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