Area piano technician completes advanced training

ANDOVER, Vt. – Don Dalton of Andover, Vt. recently completed an intensive three-day seminar conducted by the Piano Technicians Guild in Kansas City, Kan.

“Grand Action Regulation in 37-Steps” covered all phases of regulation of grand pianos. Attendees learned how to increase action control, even movement, maximize the dynamic range and achieve the fastest speed of repetition available. The course also included a detailed demonstration and explanation of the 37 steps method of regulating a grand piano alternating with guided practice on each step.

Don passed a final regulation skills test at the end of class.

“Piano technicians don’t necessarily learn their trade through years of personal instruction these days,” said Paul Brown, RPT, president of the PTG. “Today’s discriminating players demand skilled technicians and this class is one of the ways technicians can learn to offer the highest level of service.”

Limited to 10 participants, the hands-on class offered by PTG is the successor to the well-respected “Little Red Schoolhouse” program offered by Yamaha Corporation of America. Yamaha approached PTG in January 2012 asking if the association would be interested in taking over the program. PTG jumped at the opportunity and began working with Yamaha to ensure a successful continuation and expansion of the class.

“This was a intensive class with one instructor for every three students, and it allowed me to expand my knowledge of grand piano regulation through hands-on guidance and ‘tips and tricks’ of the trade,” said Dalton.

Dalton runs Smokeshire Piano Service, offering piano tuning and regulation services for Southern Vermont and beyond. His website is and his business phone is 802-952-8424.

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