A discussion about the United Nations

LONDONDERRY, Vt. – In 1945, the United States was the most important creator of the United Nations and continues to be the major contributor to many of its activities and operations. Yet, as the years have passed, most Americans know less and less about the organization. Derek Boothy, who worked over 20 years for the United Nations, will address the following questions: What does the United Nations do? How does it work? How does the United States benefit from it? Why should the United States continue to belong to the U.N.?

During his 20-year service in the U.N., Boothy was deputy director of operations for weapons inspections in Iraq immediately after the first Gulf War; served on the personal staff of Cyrus Vance in his efforts to stop the war in Bosnia; and was second in command of a 7,000 strong peach operation in Croatia. He was also director of the Europe Division in the Department of Political Affairs and chairman of the U.N. Iraq Operational Group.

This free hour-long Zoom presentation is being hosted by Neighborhood Connections Thursday, Feb. 18 at 4 p.m. Call 802-824-4343 to register or visit www.neighborhoodconnectionsvt.org.

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