2019 Green-Up Day in Rockingham

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. – Green Up Day is here again, Saturday, May 4! Pick up free green bags at the Town Clerk’s Office, J&H Hardware Store, the Saxtons River Market, and at Herricks Cove Sunday, May 5 at the Wildlife Festival. Public Works will collect the bags Monday morning, surveying town roads, the Bellows Falls Town Garage, the Saxtons River Fire Department, and the Rockingham Highway Garage.

How does Green Up Day work? Grab the official bright green bag and fill it with paper, cans, and roadside trash; it’s fine to mix trash and recyclables. Travel in pairs, facing traffic, and wear bright clothes so cars see you. Gloves and boots protect against dirt and ticks. Don’t let kids pick up needles. Adults, use gloves and tongs to store in a thick plastic container. Cap, seal with duct tape, mark “Do Not Recycle,” and put the container in your regular trash.

Classic spots in Rockingham for major attention: Route 121, the Narrows, Pleasant Valley Road, and Westminster Street.

For more information, email Guy Payne, gpayne@gmail.com, or leave a message at 802-869-2600. Let’s clean up the roads, and make our town look good.

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