14 members of the Chester community receive Vermont Public Service Awards

CHESTER, Vt. – At a meeting of the Town of Chester’s Board of Selectmen on Wednesday, Aug. 3 fourteen individuals were honored with a Vermont Public Service Award.

Every five years, the Vermont Public Service Award program honors individuals who have served as elected or appointed local officials, or as fire and rescue workers, for 20 or more years.

Award recipients from the Town of Chester included:

·      Matt Wilson, 20 years, Fire Department

·      Ruth Douglas, 23 years, Justice of the Peace

·      Laurie Cloud, 23 years, Ambulance

·      Jeff Holden, 25 years, Ambulance and Fire Department

·      Robert McAllister, 25 years, Fire Department

·      Dan Cook, 26 years, Ambulance

·      Eric Richardson, 26 years, Ambulance and Fire Department

·      Wanda Purdy, 27 years, Lister

·      Pat Jewell, 28 years, Fire Department

·      Deborah Aldrich, 32 years, Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk

·      Erron Carey, 34 years, Trustee of Public Funds, Budget Committee, Union School Board, and Town of Chester School Board

·      Ken Barrett, 35 years, Cemetery Sexton and Justice of the Peace

·      Tom Bock, 35 years, Town of Chester Selectboard, Planning Commission, Budget Committee, and Justice of the Peace

·      Richard Cloud, 35 years, Emergency Services

Thank you to all for your dedication and service!

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