Westminster Volunteer Fire and Rescue New Year household items check


Ernie Norman was a proud of the Fire department and a 52 year member of the department. Photo provided.

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – The Westminster Fire and Rescue Association met for their regular meeting December 6th with President Greg Holton presiding. Austin Taylor was welcomed as a Junior Member. The meeting was opened by Chief Streeter on a sad note with the announcement that Ernie Norman, a 52 year member of the department, passed away December 3rd;
Ernie was very proud of the Fire Dept. and even more so of his 52 year 
membership. He felt that you could not just exist where you live but you 
need to be part of it to make it a better place. Through his travels
throughout New England as a truck driver, he made many friends and

As the New Year approaches remember to check these four items in your household.

Fire Extinguishers: Check dates and gauges on a regular basis to be sure they are ready to use. The gauge needs to be in the green. Once a year, tip the extinguisher upside down to be sure the contents haven’t dried up and it still moves. Remember that the extinguisher can only do its job for the first 30 seconds of the fire and will operate for only 10 seconds. Be prepared to call 911. Know how to operate the extinguisher. Learn the word PASS. P means pull the pin, A means aim the nozzle, S means squeeze the trigger, and the second S means sweep as in moving over the fire. Fire department personnel are always available for advice.

CO detectors: Because houses are closed up more tightly in the winter, CO detectors need to be checked more frequently.

Smoke Alarms: It’s always a good idea to put new batteries in the smoke alarms January 1st and double check to be sure they are operating properly.

Vents: Check vents for heating appliances regularly to be sure they are free from ice and snow. A plugged vent can cause a fire.

The Westminster Fire & Rescue Department holds their monthly meetings at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month and a combined drill on the third Tuesday of every month. Rescue training is the second Tuesday of the month. 
Next association meeting January 3, at 7:00 p.m.

As always, we would like to thank the members of the community for its continued support of the fire department. Check us out on our web-site www.westminsterfireandrescue.org

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