SEON’s Sustainable Home Tour goes virtual

SEON's Sustainable Home Tour goes virtual Nov. 7.
SEON’s Sustainable Home Tour goes virtual Nov. 7. Photo provided

REGION – On Saturday, Nov. 7, from 10-11:30 a.m., SEON’s 2020 Virtual Sustainable Home Tour will showcase four homes and the design and construction teams whose work demonstrates a commitment to high performance building, sustainable materials, durability, indoor air quality, and renewable energy. It’s a “show and tell” opportunity to see how these homes look and feel. Learn about the technologies and processes that make these homes sustainable – including preserving the old! As you prepare for winter and the holidays, it’s the perfect time to learn and refine key high performance approaches to new construction and renovation.

This year four homes are featured on SEON’s Virtual Sustainable Home Tour. SEON’s primary goal is to give the public an opportunity to learn about building processes, technologies, and products so they can make informed decisions about their projects – no matter how big or small. A secondary goal is to reach out to builders and architects about the latest innovations in design and construction. The line-up of homes includes two new homes – one pursuing certification as a North American Certified Passive House and the other being a Unity Homes’ net-zero panelized home. Another project is a high performance residential addition to an older house that will provide lodging to visiting artists and was designed to complete the owner’s vision of an artistic campus. Finally, a deep energy retrofit and resurrection of a 1880s farmhouse will become the home and office of a local architect. All builders and designers of these homes are members of SEON.

For the online tour, each builder will deliver a narrative to accompany photos and videos depicting the process and key features of their work. Afterwards, each builder will be available for a Q&A session related to the challenges and goals of their projects. They freely give of their time to explain their approach to the project, the decisions they made in consultation with the homeowner, and why a particular product was chosen over another. Some of the homeowners may also be available to answer questions.

As you learn about these homes, you’ll develop a deeper appreciation of how all the systems are interrelated and why this is important for high performance buildings. Our builders are doing their part to address the climate emergency and create a local climate economy.

Specific tour highlights and reservations can be found on SEON’s website,

Admission to the Zoom meeting is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Sponsors for the event include 475 High Performance Building Supply, Berkley and Veller Greenwood County Realtors , Brattleboro Savings and Loan – Parks Place Financial Advisors, Efficiency Vermont, Farnum Insulators, Friends of the Sun, Mathes Hulme Builders, RK Miles Building Materials Suppliers, ThermalBuck, Unity Homes, VSECU, and WW Building Supply.

Sustainable Energy Outreach Networks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Brattleboro, Vt.

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