SEON’s 4th annual Sustainable Home Tour

Left is Unity’s Nano model in Greenfield, Mass. and right is energy upgrade net zero home in Newfane, Vt. Photo provided

REGION – On Saturday, Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the 2019 Sustainable Home Tour will showcase homes and the design and construction teams whose work demonstrates a commitment to high performance building, sustainable materials, durability, indoor air quality, and renewable energy. It’s a “show and tell” opportunity to see how these homes look and feel. Learn about the technologies and processes that make these homes sustainable. It’s the perfect time to go for a ride, take in the foliage, and check out these high performance homes.

This year, a total of seven homes are being featured on SEON’s self-guided annual Sustainable Home Tour. The learning opportunity for the public is the highlight of the event. Open to the public are four new homes: an energy efficient straw bale home in Brattleboro, the 23-unit Snow Block building in downtown Brattleboro, a high performance home in Marlboro, and a home that received Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity’s Small Home Hero Award in Greenfield, Mass. Two homes are under construction in Marlboro and Putney so you’ll get to see what’s inside the wall system. And, in Newfane, you’ll be able to tour a home built in 2000 that underwent an energy upgrade bringing it to net-zero, which means it generates as much energy as it uses.

Builders will be available at each home to explain the challenges and goals of their projects. They freely give of their time to explain their approach to the project, the decisions they made in consultation with the homeowner, and why a particular product was chosen over another. Some of the homeowners will also be available to answer questions. Learning about these homes brings an appreciation of how all the systems are interrelated and why this is important for high performance buildings. Our builders are doing their part to address the climate emergency and create a local climate economy.

Specific tour highlights and tickets can be found on SEON’s website, Sustainable Energy Outreach Networks is a 401(c)(3) nonprofit located in Brattleboro, Vt.

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