Learn all about orchids with Neighborhood Connections

Learn how to care for your colorful orchids. Stock photo.

LONDONDERRY, Vt. – Orchids have become ever-popular indoor plants since they became widely available in supermarkets and other marketplaces. On Monday, March 12 at 2 p.m., Bob Aldrich, co-proprietor of the Inn at Weston will be at the Meeting Place at Neighborhood Connections to discuss the proper care of these exotic flowers. Aldrich is an avid orchid collector and has lectured extensively on the subject across New England. He will share his expertise on the proper potting medium; when and how to re-pot orchids; watering; and light requirements to ensure successful re-flowering.

This lecture is offered at no charge, but please registers to attend by calling 802-824-4343. The Meeting Place at Neighborhood Connections is located in Londonderry’s Mountain Marketplace, next to the post office. Check out our website at www.neighborhoodconnectionsvt.org. Please like us on Facebook.

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