Free smoke detectors and home fire safety

smoke detectors
Londonderry and Weston Fire Departments are offering home fire safety programs and free smoke detectors. Stock photo.

LONDONDERRY/WESTON, Vt. – The American Red Cross of New Hampshire and Vermont, in conjunction with the Londonderry and Weston Volunteer Fire Departments, is continuing to bring a program of free smoke detectors and home fire safety education to the Towns of Londonderry and Weston beginning Oct. 13, 2018. The first local delivery of the Sound the Alarm program was in Weston in May of this year. That effort resulted in the installation of 40 smoke detectors to residents homes in the Town of Weston.

National Fire Prevention Week occurs during this time period and this effort hopes to bring town residents in compliance with the latest recommendations or requirements of state laws. These free smoke detectors will last for 10 years without battery replacement and will be installed by trained members of your local fire department and the American Red Cross. Fire safety information will also be distributed to those wanting such material.

To obtain this service, contact any Londonderry or Weston Fire Department member or leave a message on the Weston Fire Departments non-emergency phone number 802-824-3539. This program is currently available to those residents of Londonderry and Weston at this time.

For further information regarding this program, visit

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