Cold climate heat pumps, do they make sense for you?

WEATHERSFIELD, Vt. – The Weathersfield, Vt. Energy Group is holding a free cold climate heat pump workshop on April 25, 2018 at 6 p.m. at the town library on Route 5 in Ascutney. Learn how heat pumps save money operating in winter and summer. Bring along your questions – remember that all renewable energy systems work far more efficiently when installed in weatherized buildings.

Town Select Boards appoint Energy Commissions and Energy Committees, but independent teams or groups also work with municipalities to advise on energy policy and efficiency, resulting in savings for taxpayers. Energy Coordinators serve as ex-officio members of Town Planning Commissions and liaisons with Regional Planning Commissions.

Some Energy Committees team up to work together on mutual programs to advise and help homeowners with weatherization and renewable energy projects.

Energy Committees are invaluable resources for information on Federal rebates and Efficiency Vermont; they pass along contacts for energy audits and conduct energy walk-throughs looking for air leaks and escaping heat. They advise on energy-saving light bulbs and appliances, promote hybrid and electric vehicles, and hold workshops on renewable energy systems.

Weathersfield produced a flyer with a check list for homeowners to improve energy efficiency and energy-saving tips including renting a Green Mountain Power Heat Pump, riding a bike, and growing your own vegetables, etc. Conservation, weatherization, and using energy wisely are first steps to reducing costs.

For more information, call Weathersfield Energy Group at 802-674-5280.

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