Athens Brick Meetinghouse annual plant sale

Athens Brick Meetinghouse third annual plant sale.
Athens Brick Meetinghouse third annual plant sale. Photo provided

ATHENS, Vt. – The Athens Brick Meetinghouse Committee, in conjunction with the Athens Historic Preservation Society, will hold our third annual plant sale Saturday, May 30, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m., at the 1817 Brick Meetinghouse in Athens, Vt. This is a spring open house event with the meetinghouse open for viewing.

With a spring outlook, despite the recent snow in May and life in the time of COVID-19, we are optimistically proceeding with plans for our third annual plant sale, provided that developments in the meantime do not prohibit such an event come the end of May. Knowing that everything can be set up outdoors on the Meetinghouse lawn with plenty of safe social distancing, and no need for person-to-person contact, we feel this is a safe plan. Experienced gardeners from the Athens Area Garden Club will be there to answer questions and offer gardening advice.

The Athens Brick Meetinghouse is historically significant to the Windham County region of Vermont, and particularly the 12 surrounding towns that comprised the “Old Athens Circuit” – Grafton, Rockingham, Townshend, Londonderry, Weston, Chester, Acton, Springfield, Landgrove, Windham, Putney, and Mount Holly. Circuit preachers from Athens traveled out to these towns to perform religious services. Quarterly camp meetings with the Methodist congregants from these towns often lasted two days at the Athens Meetinghouse, which was known as the “Mother Church.”

This national historic landmark, located on Meetinghouse Road just off Route 35, will be open for viewing during this May 30 event. All proceeds go to support ongoing efforts to preserve this historic gem. Donations made to the Athens Historic Preservation Society are fully tax-deductible and will support ongoing efforts to preserve the Meetinghouse.

For more information or to make plant or other donations, contact Sherry Maher at 802-869-2141 or email at, or follow Athens Meetinghouse on Facebook.

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