Stay-at-Home project for Andover kids

ANDOVER, Vt. – What will Andover residents remember about the COVID-19 emergency over 50 years from now? Will they remember it? Let’s have Andover’s children send a message to the future through artwork and writing. The submissions will be kept rolled up in a tube in the town vault to be opened at Andover’s Tricentennial in 2076.

This project, sponsored by the Andover Project Committee, is for children age 13 and under. Submissions should focus on this stay-at-home time during the COVID-19 emergency. They should be one-page and are due by May 15. Please include your name. Your grandchildren may be looking at these in 2076.

Mail your submissions to the Town Office, addressed to COVID-19 Art Project or drop your clearly labeled submission into the mail slot at the Town Office, 953 Weston Andover Road, Andover, VT 05143.

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