Rockingham Meeting House Conservation conversation

Rockinham Meeting House. Photo provided by Elijah Zimmer

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. – For 235 years, the Meeting House has graced a hilltop overlooking Rockingham Village, cared for by the generations who have stepped up to keep its walls straight and true. What does the future hold? How best to steward this National Historic Landmark for future generations?

Come join a community conversation, “The Future of the Rockingham Meeting House,” at Rockingham Town Hall, Lower Theater on Thursday, March 24, 7 p.m.

To start the conversation, a short presentation will be made of the history of the meeting house, its current state, and future conservation needs.

“The intent of this gathering is to look at the conservation challenges faced in maintaining a building of this type and age,” said John Leppman, chair of the Rockingham Town Historic Preservation Commission and president of the Rockingham Meeting House Association. “This is not a fund-raising event but rather a time for our community to come together and reflect upon what we need to do to preserve what is the oldest public building in Vermont and one of the very few early style New England meeting houses still standing in its original form.”

This event is sponsored by the Rockingham Meeting Association in partnership with the Rockingham Historic Preservation Commission. For access to the conversation via Zoom, register by email at

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