OLLI presents “Abenaki Culture & History”

Bobby Farlice-Rubio. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Bobby Farlice-Rubio will present the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program, “The First Vermonters – Indigenous People, Abenaki Culture & History,” on Tuesday, April 5 at 2 p.m. at the Nolin Murray Center next to St. Mary’s Church on Pleasant Street in Springfield, Vt.

Educator Farlice-Rubio will discuss how the Abenaki people have lived in Vermont for thousands of years and how they are still here today. By focusing on the individual lives of seven famous Abenakis from different centuries, he will explore how their culture has survived the centuries and evolved to meet the challenges of a changing world. Participants will discover how the Abenaki Nation has shaped the present and future of all of Vermont’s people.

The next OLLI program on April 19 will be “North Chester: It’s More Than Just the Stone Village,” presented by local Architectural Historian, Hugh Henry.

Preregistration is highly recommended. However, if you arrive without having registered, we will not turn you away. We will hand you a form and an addressed envelope to send in payment after the program.

Nonmembers are welcome and encouraged to attend individual programs for a single program fee.

Registration can be done online by going to www.learn.uvm.edu/olli/springfield.

For registration assistance, please call 802-656-5817.

Due to the current Covid situation, the University of Vermont expects all participants at UVM sponsored noncredit events (including OLLI), to be vaccinated. Masks are required to be worn at indoor events. For full health and safety information, go to www.learn.uvm.edu/olli/springfield.

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