Fitton: the mill, the Firebug, and everything in between

The Fittonville Mill. Photo provided
The Fittonville Mill. Photo provided

CAVENDISH, Vt. – At one time Spring Mill, better known as Fitton Mill, was located by the Cavendish Gorge. One of the largest employers in town, the area became known as “Fittonsville,” as boardinghouse, tenements, and even a school became part of the complex.

Operating for about 10 years, it came to an abrupt end when building after building was burnt down. However, these weren’t the only buildings in Cavendish, or surrounding towns, subject to arson. Believed to be the work of Robert Fitton, better known as “Firebug Fitton,” the number of properties subject to his matches was in the double digits.

On Sunday, Oct. 3, the Cavendish Historical Society will host a walking tour of the mill site, starting at 2 p.m. Beginning at the museum, an overview will be provided and will proceed to walk to the site, which is in the woods and on uneven terrain in parts. Dress accordingly

This program is open to the public and free, though donations are appreciated. For more information, call 802-226-7807 or email

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