Why a hearing aid isn’t just a hearing aid

BRATTLEBORO, Vt. – How many people do you know with hearing aids stuck in their sock drawer, rather than their ears? While there are varying reasons that this may be the case, the most common reason is that the hearing aids are not fit properly. With all the recent changes in the hearing aid marketplace that are focused on the hearing aid itself, it is easy to overlook a key fact: the “best,” most expensive hearing aid in the world is just a piece of junk if it isn’t fit correctly.

What is the most important aspect of a good hearing aid? It’s not the hearing aid itself! It is the settings that run that hearing aid. The first step is getting a hearing test from a qualified professional. With hearing that is accurately measured, hearing aids can be fit specifically for your hearing loss. Inaccuracy in a hearing test can lead to incorrect sound amplification in your loved one’s voices and sounds in the environment. Those most qualified to test hearing are audiologists who provide medical testing of hearing.

Most people generally believe that’s all you need to have a pair of useful hearing aids. But wait! There’s so much more! Is the hearing aid positioned in your ear correctly? Is the part that goes in your ear fitting the way it should in order to provide the hearing improvement you need? Is the sound that is coming out of the hearing aids into your ears actually correcting your hearing loss? Are the hearing aids working for you, in the daily life that you lead?

At Brattleboro Hearing Center we know that the hearing aid itself is just one part of the equation. We bring our expertise to the table to make sure hearing aids work well for you by not only providing appropriate hearing aids for your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget, but also by ensuring that the fitting of those hearing aids is appropriate for you.

A cheap hearing aid that is correctly fit will give you far better performance than an expensive hearing aid that isn’t fit well. Make sure your hearing provider is equipped with the knowledge, equipment, and experience to provide you with the hearing aid performance you need, so you can enjoy your life and loved ones to the fullest. Don’t settle for less.


Written by Brattleboro Hearing Center.

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