UPDATE: “Say Yes,” Covid rapid test program fills orders for all 350,000 tests in first five hours

MONTPELIER, Vt. – On it’s first day, the pilot program “Say Yes,” a project instated to deliver rapid Covid tests to Vermont residents, filled out all available orders within the first five hours. The 350,000 tests were made available to the public on Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022 at 10 a.m. and gone by 2:45 p.m. of the same day. These tests will be delivered to homes in Vermont over the next one to two weeks.

“As expected, demand was very high and shows how much Vermonters understand the importance of testing as a way to protect their health and the people around them,” said Gov. Scott.

Gov. Scott said today’s effort will provide important insights that will aid development of similar efforts at the state and federal level in the future. “I want to thank our public and private partners for their work on this initiative,” said Gov. Scott. “While we knew the limited supply would go quickly, this effort will help inform future decisions, as we continue to work to make testing as accessible as possible for all Vermonters.”

Since late December, Vermont has delivered or begun distribution of several hundred thousand rapid tests through this program, community pick-up locations, K-12 schools, child care programs, long term care facilities and other community partners.

The Scott Administration will continue its work to acquire more tests for Vermonters and make them available as supply allows.

PCR testing can be accessed through the Department of Health’s testing website at www.healthvermont.gov/covid-19/testing. As of Tuesday, thousands of appointments were still available for this week.

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