Springfield Hospital welcomes FEMA team assistance

FEMA team assisting Springfield Hospital with Covid-19 treatment. Photo provided
FEMA team assisting Springfield Hospital with Covid-19 treatment. Photo provided

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – Springfield Hospital is pleased to welcome a Federal Emergency Management Agency team to assist the hospital in its pandemic response.

Working in close collaboration with the state of Vermont and the Vermont Department of Health, Springfield Hospital is utilizing the six-person FEMA team that arrived last Friday to staff an outpatient pediatric vaccination clinic onsite at the hospital. Beginning Monday, Dec. 27, an additional treatment clinic for Covid-positive patients will also be offered onsite at the hospital.

Pediatric appointments can be scheduled online by visiting www.springfieldhospital.org/covid-19-vaccine-info. The Covid Treatment Clinic requires a physician referral from primary care providers and is available by scheduled appointment only.

The FEMA team will work with hospital staff through Jan. 15, 2022, and possibly longer depending on availability.

“The FEMA professionals are providing great support to our Springfield Hospital staff, which has worked around the clock to provide needed care to our community resulting from Covid-19 and many other illnesses. The FEMA team will help us provide additional access to pediatric vaccinations, and treatment for Covid-positive patients throughout our region, and we are grateful to receive these federal resources,” commented Bob Adcock, CEO of Springfield Hospital.

For more information about Vermont’s Covid-19 response, including vaccination, testing, and prevention, please visit www.Healthvermont.gov/covid-19.

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