Sojourns Holistic Health Clinic welcomes new practitioners

WESTMINSTER, Vt. – Sojourns Community Health Clinic, which provides holistic, integrated care to patients from its Westminster, Vt. practice, is welcoming two additional practitioners who will help deliver personalized healthcare to patients.

Christina Miller, M.D. Photo provided

Christina Miller, M.D., uses nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help patients support their overall health. Because Miller is a primary care physician, more patients including those with Medicare will be able to meet with her to access nutritional counseling that their insurance would not otherwise cover.

Miller, who will begin seeing patients in October, attended medical school at Loyola University in Chicago. She completed internal medicine training at Indiana University School of Medicine, emergency medicine training at Denver Health Medical Center, and integrative medicine training at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. She is board certified in emergency medicine and integrative medicine.

Miller says that in addition to her extensive training, her own health challenges enable her deliver more compassionate care because she can relate to her patients.

“I too have had to work hard to improve my own health and take back my life, so I understand what it takes to make change. Learning to use food as medicine, adapting a new self-care routine, and finding time to sleep and connect with others has been paramount in my healing process and is the basis of what I teach,” she says. “I hope patients who are interested in taking the necessary steps to prevent, halt, and even reverse chronic illness and achieve optimal health through food, lifestyle, evidence-based medicine, and other means will come see me, and we can embark on the healing journey together.”

Maria Cabri. Photo provided

Adult nurse practitioner Maria Cabri began seeing patients at Sojourns in April. Cabri received her Bachelor of Science in nursing at New York University and a master’s in nurse midwifery at Yale University. She worked as a midwife and in women’s health for many years, before returning to the University of Vermont for a certificate as an adult nurse practitioner in 2005. Since then she has worked in primary care and psychiatry.

Cabri chose to practice at Sojourns because she knew would be able to get to know her patients and their desires regarding their healthcare.

“I believe in meeting clients where they are in their journey towards wellness,” she says. “The personal connection is what makes this special, and at Sojourns I have the time and support to enable this connection to flourish.”

Sojourn’s Chief Operating Officer Cheryl Sanctuary says that both practitioners will strengthen the clinic, with Cabri bringing in expertise in mental health care, including medication management, and Miller integrating her unique approach to primary care with an emphasis on nutritional and lifestyle choices. “Partnering with our patients to unravel their symptoms enables us to discover and address the causes of the disharmony,” Sanctuary says. “We work together to restore the balance of a healthy body. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal and protect ourselves, if given the right tools.”

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