Outbreath focus boosts your health

JAMAICA, Vt. – Personal health and well-being are on everyone’s mind these days. Covid has raised our health concerns as well as our levels of anxiety, fear, pain, and stress. So while our communities are attempting to resolve this major health crisis with masking and vaccinations, we are still suffering personally – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Many of us are maxed out on credit and often can’t afford the copay to visit a doctor or the emergency room when a crisis arises.

But there is hope because you have, in your body, the resource to manage anxiety, fear, pain, and stress. It’s your very own breath. Any time you simply focus on your breath, your body benefits. But when you learn to actively breathe out – just the opposite of regular breathing – you are able to manage anxiety, fear, pain, and stress without medication. Simply stated, your active outbreath helps you access the relaxation part of your autonomic nervous system. You save energy, reduce the work of breathing, and support all organ systems in their important work.

Respiratory therapist Betsy Thomason, a resident of Jamaica, Vt., introduces you to the BreatheOutDynamic system, the life-altering outbreath method, in her book Just Breathe Out – Using Your Breath to Create a New, Healthier You. Betsy guides you through the BODs learning process and explains the physiology of its effectiveness and its application in everyday life. You learn about real people who manage their energy and overcome obstacles using their active, spine-stretching outbreath.

Learn more about Betsy’s work at www.outbreathinstitute.com. Just Breathe Out is available on audiobook and on kindle, or as a paper copy at your local Vermont bookstore. Betsy offers a free phone consultation and can be reached at her website or by calling 551-265-7561.

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