Edgar May launches Healthy Living Initiative

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – You’ve just finished a long day at work and head home only to stop for some take-out because you’re too exhausted to make dinner. You sit down with a tall glass of wine and proceed to binge watch your favorite Netflix series, bowl of ice cream in hand, finally crawling into bed well past midnight. After tossing and turning, your 6 a.m. alarm receives multiple hits to the snooze button, only to rush to your morning meeting without breakfast.

Halfway through your day, you’re encouraged by an alert on your computer to “drink your water and get your butt to the gym! You’ve got this.” – a series of motivational alarms you’ve set to finally lose those extra pounds as you kicked off the New Year. Barely through the first month, you’re already defeated by the same challenges you’ve faced in the past.

Making healthy changes is hard, and while most of us have an idea of what a healthy lifestyle should look like, figuring out how to fit it in to our already stressful and busy day-to-day lives – often with kids – can sometimes feel impossible.

Most of us know what we want to change, but we sometimes look past what needs to change in order to get us there. Sure, exercise and diet may help you lose the extra pounds, but how long can you really withstand 5 a.m. wake ups and boiled broccoli and chicken dinners?

The first step to making a lifestyle change is to really evaluate more than just the obvious. With the Healthy Living Program through the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center, we’re focusing on eight components of our wellness to support and create change: emotional, physical, intellectual, financial, social, environmental, occupational, and spiritual. The Edgar May has successfully offered a space for our community to move more, but after 11 years we’re excited to open the doors to complete the wellness circle through programs, workshops, coaching, challenges, videos, blogs, and more.

Join us as we kick off our new Healthy Living Initiative, with Mallory Peterson at the Edgar May’s Studio Momentum for a free afternoon dedicated to opening up your eyes to other areas of your wellness. This is a free event on Feb. 18 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. with a focus on stress management, sleep improvement, goal setting, healthy eating, cooking demos, and more!

Stay tuned as we offer more opportunities to support lifestyle change throughout the community. For more information, contact Mallory Peterson, director for Healthy Living at the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center by phone 802-885-2568 or email mpeterson@myreccenter.org.

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