Corporate Lactation Services committed to mothers, babies during COVID-19

CHESTER, Vt. – We know the COVID-19 virus is presenting challenges for all of us, both personally and professionally. At this time, as always, Corporate Lactation Services is committed to ensuring our clients, mothers, and babies receive the information and care they need.

CLS offers R.N. and IBCLC support 365 days a year via phone consultations as well as virtual lactation consultations via video conferencing.

Fortunately, mothers and babies are not in highest risk demographic. Nonetheless, we do verbally assess all of our mothers for symptoms and will proceed according to the CDC guidelines should we suspect a mother is ill.

If a mother does test positive for COVID-19, we will assure the mother that she can and should continue to breastfeed, as it will enhance the baby’s immunologic response.

We have a reserve available of personal breast pumps, hospital-grade rentals, and cleaning supplies that are used in hospital neonatal and newborn nurseries. We do not anticipate a disruption in our ability to provide mothers with these important products. All products are available to ship, and we bill directly to MVP, BCBS-VT, and Vermont Medicaid and have a private pay option for both services and products.

Lastly and most importantly, please know CLS’s mission is to support mothers and babies in this difficult time.

Please do not hesitate to contact 1-888-818-5653,, or

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