SEON’s third annual Sustainable Home Tour set for Sept. 29

REGION – The Sustainable Energy Outreach Network has set Saturday, Sept. 29 as the date for our third annual Home Tour. As in the past, SEON’s goal is to highlight homes that have incorporated features and systems when working together make for a high performance home.

While energy efficiency takes the lead in high performance homes, it must always be connected with durability like water and vapor management, indoor air quality, comfort, and maintenance. This year six homes will be featured: two new homes, one home under construction, two deep energy retrofits of 100-year-old houses, and one addition/renovation/retrofit.

The builders will be available to explain the challenges and goals of their projects. They freely give of their time to explain their approach to the project, the decisions they made in consultation with the homeowner, and why a particular product was chosen over another. Some of the homeowners will also be available to answer questions about what led them to undertake these projects, how satisfied they are with the results, and what they would have done differently. The learning opportunity for the public is the highlight of the event because you will come to appreciate how all the systems are interrelated and why this is important for high performance buildings.

Specific tour highlights can be found on SEON’s website at

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