Help green-up Westminster on May 6

Green Up DayWESTMINSTER, Vt. – Green Up Day is coming up soon–Saturday, May 6. Please consider cleaning up a Westminster road or street, or part of one, near you. Every little bit helps to keep Westminster clean.

Green Up bags are available at the Town Hall in Westminster and the Westminster West Library. You can also pick up bags at the Westminster Center School on Green Up Day, Saturday, May 6, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Allen Brothers has generously donated some of their delicious doughnuts, so fuel up on hot coffee and a doughnut before you head out!

Please take just one Green Up bag, if possible, and use some trash bags of your own. We are very short of bags. The town will pick up any bags on Monday morning, as long as they are left beside a Green Up bag on the side of a town road. Please do not leave them on private roads.

Here’s a safety reminder: Do not remove dead animals or suspected toxic/hazardous waste. Don’t disturb needles or questionable debris. If you have a safety concern, please inform the proper local authorities. Or contact VT State Road maintenance personnel ( ) or the State Police (

You can find more safety guidelines here:

Questions? Call Susan Harlow, Green Up Day coordinator, at 722-3373. Thank you for helping to make your town green!

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