Join VINE for an equinox potluck celebrating “the three sisters”

SPRINGFIELD, Vt. – VINE Sanctuary is hosting its Autumnal Equinox Potluck from 4 – 6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 17, at the Springfield Unitarian Universalist Church at 21 Fairground Rd, Springfield. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend, and all are invited to bring a vegan dish to share. If that’s not possible, VINE’s potlucks always have plenty of wonderful food so anyone can attend, even if they do not bring something to share.

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Here in what is now Vermont, Abenaki farmers grew corn, beans, and squash for many centuries before European immigrants deforested the Green Mountains to create pastures for sheep and cows. Known as the “three sisters” of Native American agriculture because of the ways the plants support each other when grown together, these three crops can be cultivated sustainably in our region and should be central components of Vermont’s plant-based agricultural future.

So, let’s celebrate the deliciousness of squash, beans, and corn while learning more about their place in our past and our future. VINE will be giving out prizes for most creative corn-based dish, the sweetest squash-based dish, and the most beautiful bean-based dish as well as a grand prize for the best dish incorporating all three.

This free event is open to the public and will include a brief presentation on the “three sisters” and their role in Vermont’s past and future.

Why vegan? Plant-based diets are more nutritious, less dangerous and expensive, and kinder to the earth and animals than diets that include meat and other animal products. Because some people who call themselves vegetarian eat eggs or dairy products, many people who eat no animal products at all call themselves vegan. Whether new to the idea of veganism or looking for new vegan diet ideas, attending one of VINE’s potlucks will offer an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other vegans. To learn more, visit, or email


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