Food scrap hauling services opportunity

LUDLOW, Vt. – Food waste comprises about a third of the waste Americans throw away in landfills and is in fact the largest solid waste contributor to landfills. Food scraps in landfills produce methane, a gas with 25 times the global warming potential than carbon dioxide. Vermont’s recycling law, Act 148 bans the disposal of food scraps by 2020 (and earlier, depending on the amount of food scraps a business produces).


food scraps
Learn about how you can dispose of your food wastes with Grow Compost of Vermont. Photo provided.

Grow Compost of Vermont, located in Moretown, collects food waste to produce organically certified soils, feed for animals, and renewable energy. We are opening up a second composting site in North Hartland this year. Our food scrap hauling service helps businesses meet the requirements of Act 148.
We are evaluating interest in starting a new food scrap pickup service route in Ludlow and the surrounding area. The service would be available to any Ludlow region business that generates food – restaurants, markets, hotels, schools, resorts, condo associations, health care facilities, etc.
Our weekly service includes sturdy, leak-proof, 48 gallon wheeled totes and cover material during the warmer months. We accept any and all food wastes – fish, meat, bones, dairy … if it grows it goes!

Each time we collect your food scrap totes, we replace them with clean containers, hot pressure-washed at our facility and clean enough to use right in your kitchens. We provide staff training, signage, as well as window decals and annual environmental benefits certificates to promote each businesses green program to their customers. Our fees are based on the number of totes used each week.

Interested? Contact Carolyn at 802-595-2333 or at for more information.

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